Game News: All The Path Of Exile Contents

For the vast majority of those who once played Diablo 2, and that Diablo 3 did not satisfy us as we would have liked, we have a Free-2-Play alternative called Path of Exile, developed by gamers for gamers, and that seeks to enter into the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. This title is in open beta, it is completely free and, according to its creators, it will never be „pay to win“ (pay to win). It has a strong economy based on barter, personalization of characters and a competitive player against player (PvP).

Wraeclast is a vast dark continent. Marked by mysterious catastrophes of the past and inhabited by nightmare creatures. The environment is a challenge for all that exile who dares to explore it. With a dark, rough and realistic artistic style. Wraeclast is scary. Lurking in the darkest corners, untold horrors stalk their prey, eager to destroy the mind, as well as the flesh. It is a place where few come out alive, and fewer still remain sane.

Classes And Attributes

Like any good role playing game, classes could not be absent. Path of Exile has 7 classes, with three available attributes: Strength, dexterity and intelligence. Taking into account this, we have three „pure“ classes (Marauder, Ranger, Witch), or what is the same, that do not share attributes, and three that share attributes, or hybrids (Duelist, Templar, Shadow and Scion).

Marauder (strength): This class is characterized by using brute force, with weapons of great damage in melee, pieces of heavy armor with reduction to physical damage.
Ranger (dexterity): The skill confers agility in combat and speed for quick attacks. In the armor pieces the dexterity gives the ability to evade the enemy’s blows more frequently.
Witch (intelligence): It is represented in weapons through the improvement of critical hits. The armor pieces intelligently give the class a shield of mystical energy that protects them from blows and recharges when they are out of combat.
Duelist (strength and dexterity): This class is a hybrid, which excels in strength and dexterity skills.
Templar (strength and intelligence): The Templar is aligned with strength and intelligence.
Shadow (dexterity and intelligence): Shadow aligns with both dexterity and intelligence.
Scion (strength, dexterity and intelligence): The Scion is aligned with all three attributes.

The ascendancy classes are each tied to one of the base classes, with three ascendancy classes for each base class, except the Scion which only has one ascendancy class.

Characters, monsters and objects can also be aligned with one or several attributes at a time. For example, a walking stick is characterized by having around 70% strength and 30% intelligence. It differs from a club (which could have 100% strength), since it is better to hit critical hits.

Players can use any item or skill, as long as they meet the requirements of that article or ability. The use of attributes not suitable for your class in skills and articles is not limited. However, in general it is more efficient for players to be able to use the attributes appropriate to their character class.

Gems And Active Skills

Almost all RPGs usually have a linear system of active skills. If you are a player who plays with fire, you advance from a simple flame to a powerful ball of fire and, finally, to something bigger and more showy like a wave of fire.

In Path of Exile, active skills using gems are called „Skill Gems“. These gems confer an active skill for the player when they are ensnared in the team and acquire experience level, when the player kills the enemies.

A variety of gems are given as quest rewards throughout the game so that players have a variety of skills available. You will discover rare advanced gems in the desert and dungeons, like all items, these can be traded between players.

The gems can also level up. When a player is awarded with experience, all the gems in equipped objects earn 10% of that value. When a gem is removed or negotiated, it retains its experience. It is possible to specialize in uploading valuable jewels and commercialize them with other players.

Every time you want to use a gem you have to link it into its corresponding slot in the desired item. That way, if a sword has a green and a blue slot, the gem of skill and intelligence will be used, respectively.

Passive Skills

The subject of talents, called „passive skills“, is so extremely coarse that it would be almost impossible to explain each and every one of the 1350 skills we have in Path of Exile. These skills provide us with a passive bonus to our character. For example, if our character is a Ranged the ideal is to select talent points of skill, use of the bow or skills related to it.


In Path of Exile, as you kill monsters, open chests and interact with the people of the cities, you can receive items that allow you to better protect the exiled and defeat the strongest enemies. Many of the items can be very interesting for trade with other exiles.

Mods: As you progress through the game, you can find magical, rare or unique items. These items have magical properties known as Mods. In magical objects, they appear as prefixes or suffixes in the name of the item.

Weapons: Without a good weapon, an exile is as if he were dead. The monsters of Wraeclast keep a wide variety and types of weapons, ranging from bows and swords to wands, fists and exotic canes. The weapons include a maximum of two of the central attributes: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. These attributes affect the speed, damage, critical strike and requirements of such weapons.

Armor: In Wraeclast, the defense is as important as the attack. The defensive properties of the armor pieces depend on the attributes that are present in them. Armor with strength grants defense, which reduces the physical damage received. Armor dexterously provides evasion, which increases the likelihood of evading attacks. Finally, armor with intelligence has energy shield, which is a magical barrier that absorbs part of the damage received.

Jewelry: Rings, amulets and belts do not have grooves to set gems, but they have powerful magical properties corresponding to their attribute. These properties are magic, rare or unique. Jewelry pieces do not require specific attributes requirements to equip.

Currency: Path of Exile does not use a gold coin as a form of payment. Instead, you will sometimes find valuable items of different weirdness that allow you to modify the equipment, trade with other players or NPCs, or save for later use. You can buy Path of Exile currency here.

Gems: The gems in Path of Exile can be placed on the computer to grant new features and active abilities.

Maps: Maps give limited access to a new area of the world that can contain great challenges and greater rewards. Like other articles, maps can have random Mods that affect their difficulty.


Wraeclast is a tough and impeccable continent, home to a wide variety of animals and killer creatures. Fierce beasts, dead and turbulent horrors competing to devour the exiles who periodically appear on the shore. Wildlife has been strangely transformed into grotesque and bloodthirsty aberrations. The dead have awakened from the eternal nightmare and roam the land hungry for fresh meat. The horrors lurk the ancient crevices and deep and dark caves, always in search of their prey to consume their body and their mind.

The strongest and most powerful of these creatures usually project auras, which propel their henchmen to even greater levels of thirst for blood and fury. An exile can try to kill the minions first, or try to end a greater threat before finishing with his minions. Another tactic is to attract the little ones and separate them from their leader, where they can be eliminated more easily. Sometimes, however, it is best to avoid encountering these types of creatures.


Path of Exile is made by players who sucked big RPG action titles, like Diablo 2 and Neverwinter, and it shows in their work. A dark world, full of shadows and deformed creatures, slanted cliffs and marked landscapes, all with an atmosphere reminiscent of old RPGs and fantasy. Perhaps its weakest point is the duration, since for many it can be something short in comparison with some of the previously mentioned titles, even so it is a completely free title that you can not stop trying.